Why choose us? We strive to make
the world a better place

We work with brands who are in alignment with our vision of creating a more positive and sustainable way of living for our shared society..

We adore what we do and our passion drives us to explore new ways of doing things that benefit all.

We inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and creatives with educational lectures, workshops and published media articles.

We encourage digital where possible, recycle and source print suppliers that share our green ethos.

Community focused

Here at Witch® brand consultancy we strive to positively enhance the lives of others by creating a collaborative purpose-driven culture that reaches out to our local communities and the wider world. We have created a network of media professionals that share our vision of creating a society that interconnects for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Collective action initiatives cultural shifts and movements, together as business professionals we can steer human consciousness in the right direction. We genuinely care about our human family and the planet we live on. Every project we work on a % is donated to causes and activities that encouragement us to flourish as a society. In addition we strive to constantly educate ourselves and empower others to be remarkable and challenge the status quo.

2016 achievements:

  • Honary Advisory Board Member for Richtopia
  • Advocates and campaigners for Bacc For The Future
  • Media lecturers and guest speakers at local educational institutions
  • Sustainable and environmental awareness policies initiated to co-create positive change
  • Charitable causes initiative created where % of each project is donated to a nominated cause
  • Our MD was offered a scholarship from the top arts university in the UK for a MA an Marketing & Advertising